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Building Leaders, Entrepreneurs and innovators for the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

Loveworld Next is a dynamic organization focused on promoting sustainable development through advocacy, capacity building, and entrepreneurship. We believe that these initiatives serve as catalysts for economic growth, while also championing the rights of young people and amplifying their voices in important areas. Our primary goal is to inspire and empower young individuals worldwide to pursue their dreams, unlock their full potential, and make a meaningful impact in their communities.

We envision leading a generation of fearless, innovative, and creative minds who actively contribute to national development. To achieve this, our mission is to invest in the talents and ideas of today's youth, while also creating innovative solutions and platforms that facilitate socioeconomic progress.

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Loveworld Next, Building Leaders, Entrepreneurs and innovators



Providing trainings to young people in different fields to equip them with relevant skills that would advance them further



Investing in form of grants to innovators who produce innovations that aligns with the objectives and goals of Loveworld Next.



Providing Mentorship for young people in form of guidance to start-up their innovative ideas.

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