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Building Leaders, Entrepreneurs and innovators for the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

At Loveworld Next, our vision extends beyond conventional boundaries, and we are committed to embracing a dynamic and expansive approach to fostering positive change. In line with our mission, we plan to channel our resources and efforts into investing in a multitude of innovative ideas and businesses. This strategic decision is driven by the understanding that such investments act as potent catalysts, not only for the growth of individual enterprises but also for the broader socio-economic landscape.

Strategies for Investment:

1. Diverse Portfolio:

   Objective: Build a diverse portfolio that spans various industries and sectors.

   Implementation: Identify promising ideas and businesses across technology, sustainable practices, healthcare, education, and more. This approach mitigates risks and maximizes opportunities for positive impact.

2. Innovation and Technology:

   Objective: Support ventures that leverage innovation and technology for transformative solutions.

   Implementation: Invest in startups and projects that harness emerging technologies, fostering advancements that contribute to societal progress.

3. Social Impact:

   Objective: Prioritize investments with a strong focus on social impact and community development.

  Implementation: Seek opportunities in ventures that address pressing social issues, aligning with Loveworld Next's commitment to creating positive change.

4. Youth-Led Ventures:

   Objective: Empower and uplift young entrepreneurs by investing in their ventures.

   Implementation: Actively seek out and support youth-led businesses, recognizing the potential of the younger generation to drive innovation and positive change.

5. Sustainability Initiatives:

    Objective: Contribute to a sustainable future by investing in environmentally conscious businesses.

   Implementation: Identify and support enterprises committed to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship.

Catalyzing Impact:

1. Economic Growth:

   Impact: Job creation, economic stimulation, and market diversification.

   Outcome: By investing in a spectrum of businesses, Loveworld Next aims to contribute significantly to economic growth at both local and global levels.

2. Innovation Ecosystem:

   Impact: Fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

   Outcome: The investments made by Loveworld Next will contribute to the development of a vibrant innovation ecosystem, nurturing the next generation of creative minds.

3. Community Empowerment:

   Impact: Positive change at the community level.

   Outcome: By investing in ventures with a strong focus on social impact, Loveworld Next seeks to empower communities and enhance their well-being.

4. Youth Upliftment:

   Impact: Empowering and uplifting the youth.

   Outcome: Through strategic investments in youth-led ventures, Loveworld Next aims to provide opportunities and resources for the younger generation to thrive.

In essence, our commitment to investing in multiple ideas and businesses goes beyond financial considerations. It is a strategic initiative to act as a catalyst for positive change, driving innovation, fostering economic growth, and championing causes that align with Loveworld Next's vision of a better, more sustainable future.


Loveworld Next Trainings


Providing trainings to young people in different fields to equip them with relevant skills that would advance them further

Loveworld Next Investments


Investing in form of grants to innovators who produce innovations that aligns with the objectives and goals of Loveworld Next.

Loveworld Next Mentorship


Providing Mentorship for young people in form of guidance to start-up their innovative ideas.

Loveworld Next Programs


Hosting global programs that would connect with young people inspiring them to be game changers.

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